5 Steps to Achieve a Modern Natural Look in Your Home

Modern interior design encompasses a wide range of subgenres, from velvety luxe to colorful midcentury and plenty of styles in between. One look that is getting a lot of attention recently, however, is the “modern natural home decor” aesthetic that brings in the best of the outdoors while keeping the overall look crisp. We’re going to walk you through five steps to achieve this look in your own home, so keep reading for ideas and visual inspiration.

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1. Start with Clean Lines

With roots in Scandanavian and German architecture, modern design refers to the reflection of modern art trends in the home. Clean lines are one of the pillars of this style, which is decidedly minimalistic and serene. If your home already has these elements, use them as the foundation of your design efforts. You can also create clean lines with decor, furniture, or other accents.

Clean lines in contemporary home

2. Let the Sunlight In

Sunlight is an often-forgotten natural element that you can use to your advantage in any home design project, from a kitchen remodel to a home office upgrade. It instantly makes your interiors pop and adds a calm, airy feel to space. Natural light also boosts vitamin D, improves sleep, and is proven to make you happier and more productive.  Another way to go about this would be through getting a home addition done!

Another benefit? You’ll save on your electric bill!

Bright and Natural Looking, Airy Modern Kitchen

3. Use Organic Materials

As humans, we’re instinctively drawn to the outdoors and feel connected to nature, so it’s only logical that we want to add organic elements to our homes.  Consider the accent pieces in your bathroom remodels, such as mirrors, that can use a different element than the counters or cabinets.

Quartz countertops are really having a moment right now, and so is furniture and decor made of organic materials like bamboo, wood, and seagrass. To give a natural home design feel to your home, you can even enhance a wall with natural stone or brick, which is a great way to add texture to your home.

Natural Modern Looking Bathroom Modern Natural Look Kitchen with Organic Accessories

4. Add Minimalist Furniture

The great thing about natural modern design is that you can focus more on the “natural” or more on the “modern” without compromising the overall aesthetic of your home. It’s about striking that balance between the two.

Furniture simply sets the tone for a space that leans more rustic or one that leans more contemporary. Focus on sleek, low-profile pieces with clean lines. You can opt for a light material like linen or something more durable like reclaimed wood.

Modern Natural Bedroom Design

5. Accessorize with Plants and Natural Textiles

Incorporating organic elements is one of our top tips for decorating your home like an interior designer. Plants and natural textiles tie a room together and make you feel soothed, and they solidify the natural modern aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.

Try adding cacti to embrace the Southwest landscape, or soften the room with a jute rug. Also, look for neutral/earth tones when selecting pillows and blankets.

Bold Contemporary Home Design

Follow Your Heart

Decorating your home is about creating a space that you love, and your choices should reflect that. Follow your heart for the best results. We’re ready to help if you need modern natural decor for your home.

Open Modern Look Home Design

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When you’re ready to turn your home into a natural modern oasis, these steps can make you feel like a pro! If you’re located in the Phoenix-Metro area and looking for a reputable home design specialist, the team at Yourson Contracting would be happy to assist you in your remodeling projects.

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