How To Modernize Your Kitchen – The Velvety Luxe Kitchen Look

The Velvety Luxe Kitchen Is The Next Big Thing.

Move over Joanna Gaines and the ultra-famous “farmhouse chic” kitchen design. There’s a new look taking over all-white luxe kitchens everywhere, and we think it’s here to stay. We call it the Velvety Luxe Kitchen Look. It’s unisex, it’s sleek, it’s warm and inviting. It’s the perfect blend of modern yet cozy.

If you like what you see, keep reading. We’re going to breakdown how you can achieve this sophisticated Luxe design in your home.


Step #1: An Open Floorplan

This isn’t a particularly new concept, but it’s worth mentioning that creating an open space in your kitchen is still important to the new Luxe modern kitchen design. As a home remodeling company, we are constantly knocking down walls and installing beautiful lux kitchen islands for homeowners. It makes the room feel larger, more inviting, and less compartmentalized. Guests enjoy lounging in the living room or drinking a glass of wine at the island as cooking commences. So if you’re still working with an enclosed private kitchen, you’ll want to start here and restructure those bones.


Step #2: Smart Technology

Love it or hate it- technology is the cornerstone of modern housing. Technology is utilized in every crevice of our lives, from stream-based security systems to Amazon Alexa devices, remote-controlled heating and cooling systems, and beyond. Now, we are seeing an influx of Smart Technology used in the most important area of the home, the kitchen.

To achieve this high-end modern feel, you’ll want to swap out old appliances for the latest techy kitchen gadgets. Maybe an Alexa-powered microwave (yes this does exist), a Smart refrigerator or a KitchenAid Smart oven. Not only are these devices sleek and aesthetically pleasing fitting the luxe design, but they will also add tremendous convenience to your cooking routines. Though, they do cost a pretty penny.

LG Smart Fridge

This LG Electronics Refridgerator retails for around $1,700 and boasts an InstaView glass panel. It’s Wifi-enabled, allowing remote operation among other high-end features.


Step #3: Muted Contrasts

Now that we’ve got the framework for this velvety luxe kitchen, let’s add character. One of the defining elements of this look is the color palette. Circa 2013, we saw that white-on-white kitchens were all the rage. This kitchen style is still pretty, but it may have been slightly overdone due to the popular HGTV remodeling shows. So, let’s ditch the stark white and go for something with more dimension.

White-on-White Kitchen Style

Go for a muted color palette to achieve a neutral, yet classy feel. Using earthy tones like chocolatey brown, copper, black, grey, and white will create a calm space with some depth. If you’re using darker colors, keep in mind that you’ll need to offset those dark shades with some brighter contrasting tones. In the photo below, the dark kitchen luxe cabinetry contrasts well with the gray and white marble backsplash and waterfall edge island.

Velvety Luxe Kitchen with dark cabinets and marble accents in Phoenix


Step #4: Mixing Metals

Once you’ve curated a color palette that suits you, the next thing to consider is complementary hardware. The options are endless here, but we recommend sticking to no more than three hardware color options. Brassy rose golds, deep golds, bright silvers, and even black hardware are gaining popularity in kitchen remodels. Keep your furniture options in mind as well.

In the photo on the right side below, you can see that the gold legs on the barstools complement the gold in the light fixture. This kitchen also features a silver kitchen faucet that pairs with the hardware on the lower kitchen cabinets. Finally, the rose gold hood vent serves as an accent metal and gives the space a pop of color.

In the photo on the left side below, the kitchen displays oaky wooden luxe kitchen cabinets, giving it a softer contemporary feel. Metals in this kitchen are more subdued, with brassy golds in the faucet and light fixture and black legs on the barstools.

Kitchen with mixed metal hardware and accent features


Step #5: Geometric Shapes

To give the space some personality, we recommend incorporating some geometric shapes into the design. Typically homeowners favor modern design because of its simplicity. However, one of the major drawbacks of those super clean lines and straight edges is the lack of character. Overly modern homes can tend to feel cold and boring.

We love the Velvet Luxe look because it brings life back into modern design. Adding some funky shapes to your kitchen will give texture to the room and draw the eye in. For example, in this photo, our eyes go directly to the unique light fixture above the sink. Then, we get some more boxy shapes within the legs of the barstools.

Velvet Luxe Look Kitchen with geometric light fixture

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed learning how you can achieve this look in your home.

What are your thoughts on the new Velvet Luxe modern look? Is it here to stay, or is it just a home renovation fad?  Leave us a comment below!

Kitchen Remodel Pictures

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