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9 Industrial Decor Must-Haves for 2021

  Industrial design is a popular trend that creates a mechanical, modern aesthetic by utilizing clean lines, utility elements, and plenty of exposed brick and steel. Taking inspiration from warehouses and factories, this type of decor can give your home a more urban feel and showcase its “bones” in an interesting way.      Neutral Color Palette When entering a

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Getting Back to Basics in Your Home This Year

  It’s no secret that COVID-19 upended the status quo and shaped a year that nobody could have predicted. While there has been plenty of hardship, the events of 2020 have also stripped away many nonessentials so people can get “back to basics” and refocus on what matters in life. Quality time, close relationships, and comfort are more important than

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Merry Thriftmas: Holiday Decorating Tips for Incorporating Antiques

  Whether you’re a lifelong antique hunter or set foot in your first thrift store this year, you can appreciate the timeless nature of vintage decor. Antiques give your home’s look a personal touch, especially during the holidays when you can display items that remind you of childhood festivities.  In a year when fond memories with loved ones are particularly

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What Your Home Needs for a Socially Distanced Outdoor Thanksgiving

Like most aspects of life in 2020, the holidays will look a little different this year as we navigate the ongoing pandemic. The CDC recommends virtual celebrations in the name of public safety, but many families understandably still want to gather for some good food and quality time. This has led to a spark of creativity as people discover how

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Make Room with These Space-Saving Remodeling Ideas

It happens to the best of us—you move into a home and can comfortably store all of your belongings, but you run out of space a few years down the line. Suddenly you’re in the market for more storage, but there is no open floor space to spare. Home organization only goes so far, after all.    If this sounds

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