Simple Tips for Decorating your Home for the Holidays

Are you looking to bring the holiday spirit into your home decor this year? There are five key elements to every perfectly-styled modern holiday home. Whether you’re just starting to build a collection of pieces, or you’re a seasoned pro with storage bins full of Christmas decorations, we hope you enjoy today’s blog post! With these holiday decoration tips, anyone’s home can easily look like something straight out of a luxury catalog. Let’s get inspired and ready for holiday home decor in 2022! 

  • Pick a theme

From elf on the shelf, to Candyland Christmas, to classic green and red…there are SO many themes you can adopt for your home decor. With endless products for sale and lots to choose from, we find it’s best to pick a theme or color palette and try to stick to those elements throughout your home. Just as we recommend a cohesive home design when it comes to your everyday interior design and finishes, the same applies with your seasonal decor. For example, you wouldn’t typically mix various styles, furniture and finishes in one home because it can be overwhelming to the eye. It always looks better to keep things streamlined and cohesive. So do some research and pick a holiday decor color palette or theme that you can work throughout your whole home. Once you’ve done this, it’ll make shopping for new items and purging older items much easier!

Beautiful Christmas tree in decorated living room

  • Appeal to the Senses

Elegant holiday decor is about more than just dumping Santas in every corner of your home- in order to get the full effect of the holiday spirit, we recommend purchasing holiday scented candles for each room in your home. When company is over, light a few candles and watch how people instantly relax and feel the cozy warmth of the scent. For bonus points, bake a yummy treat and let the aromas fill your kitchen with delicious scent!

Christmas decoration on wooden background

  • Keep it Clutter-Free

Many are tempted to buy a bunch of trinkets and standing items for horizontal surfaces like tabletops, counters and furniture tops. While a few standing holiday decor items can make a gorgeous statement, nothing is more distracting than a table FULL of holiday clutter. Be selective when choosing which items to display. If you’re going for a modern look, purchase fewer larger items rather than many small items. And always remember the interior design tip of the rule of threes! Group your items in varying shapes in sizes in groups of three.

Empty Stockings Hung On Fireplace On Christmas Eve

  • Trees, wreaths and garland

This is truly what makes the quintessential holiday home feel so warm and cozy. Don’t forget to weave garland in where you can- stair rails, cabinet tops, doorways and mantles are all fair game for garland! We also suggest hanging a large wreath on your front door, as well as a few throughout your home. Use your wreaths to pull colors together and draw the eye into a focal point! Finally, your tree should be the ultimate focal point in your home. This is where you can truly display your holiday theme- use ribbons, ornaments, lights and other creative elements to design a department store worthy Christmas tree! For extra points, you can buy in-theme wrapping paper and wrap all your gifts under the tree in the same theme!

Woman making beautiful Christmas gift at table

  • Bring in the Light

Lastly, holidays are all about festive lights! We recommend having different lighting options throughout your home. Whether it’s your tree, your wreaths, your candles or other holiday string lights, these make all the difference in really pulling together the overall holiday decor look! 

Lighting line hang on to the tree decor


Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to see how you’ll decorate your home for the holidays this year! 

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