Our Process

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Here’s How It Works

First, Determine Your 'Why.'

What’s most important to you in your home remodel? It’s always helpful to have a general vision of what you are looking for, as well as your priorities. If you absolutely love a giant kitchen island and want to make that the central focus of your kitchen, we can make that happen. For some, a Safety Tub is the priority, while others like to prioritize different elements, like the sinks and backsplash. Based on your specific Lifestyle needs and desires,  we’ll be able to serve you to the best of our ability.

Then, Come Meet With Us!

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to schedule an estimate and receive a preliminary quote that provides you with a price range for your project.

At this time, if you wish to move forward, you’ll also sign a Professional Services Agreement, which allows us to begin to draft your design, come up with a more detailed proposal with your budget in mind, and create the 3D Rendering of the area.

Sign On The Dotted Line.

We’ll present your Final Proposal, which is a detailed outline of prices. To help you stick to your budget, we even give you an “allowance” of each element. Our customers love this because they know exactly how much they should be spending on countertops, sinks, etc. in order to stay within their budget.

Pick Your Finishes.

This is one of our favorite parts to help you with. Now that you’re seeing your vision start to take form, we’ll have you come in to our Design Studio and pick out the details. You’ll choose everything from tiling, to cabinets, hardware and finishes. Again, with your Contract in-hand, you’ll know ahead of time what your budget for each item is, and be able to pick out the products you love within that allotted price point.

Let Us Make Your Vision Come To Life.

With Design Plans finalized, we’ll send you your project timeline and approximate start & end dates.

From start to finish, you can trust in Yourson for a job well done. First, we prep the areas for dust control during demo. Then, a Project Manager will oversee the work as it progresses, and be in communication with you along the way. When we’re all finished, we clean the area and facilitate any necessary touchups.

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We are a company founded on integrity and quality assurance. You deserve a contractor who will outline your costs ahead of time, guide you through the process and ensure that the work completed is of excellent standard.

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