What You Should Expect When Building a Custom Home?

Imagine this: 2023 could be the year that you finally stop scrolling on Pinterest, gazing at photos of intricately designed custom homes, and you decide to take the leap and build your dream home. Choosing to build a custom home is a huge step – but how do you know it’s right for you? Here are some signs that it could be time to put those dreams to work and build a custom home in Arizona.

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1) You’re looking for a unique floor plan to fit your needs.

In Arizona, HOAs are very common. This is great news for homeowners most of the time because it keeps neighborhoods looking well-groomed and cohesive. However, many home builders build similar floorplans within a single community, catering to what most families need. This equates to anywhere from 1500- 3000 ft.², 3-5 bedrooms and about three bathrooms. The average homeowner is looking for a pretty simple design and enough space to fit a family. However, if you are looking outside of these specs, it may be hard to find something that will fit your needs, especially if homes are located within an HOA. Certain situations may require homeowners to look outside of the box and may cause one to build custom, including needing a mother-in-law suite, a separate detached casita on property, needing more closet space, or an extra large primary bedroom.

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2) You want more land and outdoor space.

This is yet another huge determining factor when considering whether or not to build custom. In suburban parts of Arizona, most homes do not sit on an oversized lot, and even in cases where a property does have more land, it can often be governed by an HOA that restricts what a homeowner can build on the land or store in their yard. For those who ultimately decide to build custom, it grants them the freedom to find a lot with enough space for all kinds of outdoor activities, as well as the option to build and/or store whatever they would like in their yards, such as RVs, ATVs, batting cages, horse stables, a large detached garage and more.

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3) You have always wanted to design your dream home.

Whether you’re just not the cookie-cutter type, or you enjoy the design process of selecting high end finishes, or you’ve simply always dreamed of building a home from the ground-up that was completely chosen by you, this is the biggest reason why you may ultimately decide that it’s time to build a custom home. There’s certainly an added level of pride of ownership when a homeowner can step back and remember all of the pieces that have come together over time to create a beautiful masterpiece to live in. Building a custom home is more than just building a home- it’s about creating something new for a family that can enjoy memories in a place that was tailor-made to their lifestyle.

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If you’re ready to get serious about designing your dream home in 2023, we would love to discuss options and next steps with you. Give us a call or visit the contact us page to schedule an appointment for a home building consultation. 

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