How To Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer


Learn How To Be Your Own Interior Designer

Here at Yourson Contracting, we know that remodeling and decorating can make your home feel brand new, but many homeowners don’t know where to start. It takes a lot of work to create a beautiful home interior that has a clear mood and plenty of personality but is still functional. That’s why we put together this guide on how you should interior design your own house and later how to decorate your home.

Find Your Inspiration

In the beginning stages of interior design, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices you have, which is why it’s best to start by finding your inspiration. Browse magazines, remodeling contractor websites, home decor specialist, and even HGTV to get a feel for what you want your home to look like. (Here’s a helpful hint: Your closet probably offers great insight into the styles you prefer.) As you’re researching, save everything to a vision board for future reference. Pinterest is perfect for this, but you can make a physical version if you prefer. You’ll also determine along the way that there are styles that aren’t your favorite, which can help narrow down the many choices.

Home Decoration Inspiration


Choose 3 Colors/Shades

Now that you have your vision board, see if there is a color palette that appears throughout. If not, don’t worry. Just think about which colors speak to you. Additionally, remember that color influences mood—blue shades evoke calm while red and yellow evoke hunger, for example, so red might not be the best hue for a home office. Once you have chosen a color palette, remember the “rule of three.” The dominant color should be a neutral tone for the walls and flooring that won’t overwhelm the room. Add in the secondary color with textiles and accessories, and save the final accent color for pops of drama.

colors for interior designing


Determine the Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point that immediately catches the eye when you walk in. Sometimes the focal point is a feature of the house like a large bay window or a fireplace, but it might have to be created. Statement furniture in fun styles and colors make great focal points, but you could use an interesting rug or piece of artwork instead. Like the color palette, this focal point should really speak to you so you can more easily design the rest of the room around it.

Interior Design Focal Point


Add Textures

At this point, your home interior is coming together nicely! Now it’s time to add some texture, which will give your rooms more depth and character. This might seem intimidating, but you can easily tackle a texture project over a weekend. One example we recommend is adding wood beams to a wall, which can serve multiple purposes by adding color as well. You can also change up your kitchen design with a tile backsplash or add brick to your living room for a more industrial look.

textured kitchen wall for interior design


Incorporate Natural Elements

Adding natural elements at the very end of your design project will make your home feel more inviting. This final step ties each room together and brings a sense of calm at the same time. If plants and flowers aren’t your style, you can use decorative jars of rocks or sand or try other elements like features or twigs.

Interior design natural elements


Make it Your Own

At the end of the day, your home should reflect your style and personality, so don’t get swept up in the process and lose those things along the way. If you love every piece in your home’s interior, each room will find its own rhythm and harmony.


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When you’re looking to start decorating your home like a pro, these steps can get you started! If you’re located in the Phoenix-Metro area and looking for a reputable home design specialist, the team at Yourson Contracting would be happy to assist you in your remodeling projects. To schedule an estimate, just call our office at (623) 582-4477.


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