Creative Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

Get Creative With These Fun Ways of Adding Texture to Your Wall in Your Home

Wood makeshift headboard and ceiling art piece


There are many ways you can add texture to a space. In this week’s blog post, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite techniques that will give your home depth and character. If you’re interested in this trend and want to learn how you can add texture to your home in a few easy ways, just keep on reading!


Textured Walls

In this first example, you can see that the home designer used long wood pieces to create a makeshift headboard and ceiling art piece in the bedroom. Not only does this add tangible texture to a plain white wall, but it also makes the ceilings appear taller. This is how to add texture to a wall easily. In this case, the wood also gives the room a calmer feel and complements the flooring perfectly.




Green textured wall in unisex nurseryThis unisex nursery is simple, yet inviting and eye-catching because of the green textured accent wall. We love the diagonal paneling and the use of parallel lines to draw a viewer in. Paired with the white and woody furniture, this makes for a very calming environment for a new baby!

Adding texture to walls can be as simple as nailing wood planks to the wall in a pattern of your choice, and painting them whichever color you’d like. This can be a fun weekend project that instantly makes your home more stylish!



Brick Veneer Textured Wall

Brick Veneer

If you love the look of brick but don’t live in a real brick building, don’t fret. You can easily install a brick wall or kitchen backsplash that gives beautiful industrial texture to a room.

Brick veneer can be purchased for around $8.99/ sq. foot on average (not including the cost of other materials and labor if you plan to get it installed by a licensed contractor). This project is definitely more involved than the first wall texture option- it’s going to take more time, cost more and will be much more permanent. But if you love this look, we think it’s totally worth it! It automatically adds lots of personality and texture to any room.


Floor to Ceiling Wall Tile

Floor to Ceiling Wall Tile

The next way you can add texture to walls in your home is by installing floor-to-ceiling wall tiles in bathrooms. With so many options for which tiles to choose, you’re sure to find something that suits your home aesthetic and brings new life into the space.

In this example, the designer installed navy subway tiles vertically from the baseboards all the way to the top of the walls. Not only did this give the bathroom a pop of color, it added texture to the walls in an effortless way. If you’re going for a more subdued look, you can opt for larger natural colored tiles. The bathroom is a great place to experiment with wall to ceiling tiles.






Crown Molding to add texture to home

Crown Molding

We love this method of adding texture because it’s so elegant and classic. Crown molding can be utilized in many areas of your home, and in this example, it was installed in a cross pattern along the ceiling.

You’ll notice that other elements of the home are quite simple and neutral, from the flooring, to the wall color and the decor. Without the crown molding the space could look unfinished. Instead, it’s polished and timelessly beautiful.



Funky Light Fixtures in Kitchen to Add Texture to Home

Funky Light Fixtures

This is another easy way to add personality and texture to any room. If you’re looking to change things up a bit and avoid a lengthy home project, swapping out light fixtures is one of the quickest, cost-efficient ways to do so.

This home designer opted for a fun geometric-shaped light to complement the space. Again in this example, the rest of the kitchen wall texture isn’t particularly unique. It consists of neutral colors and finishes. However, the light adds interest and gives the space a custom feel.

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If you’re looking to incorporate texture into your home, be sure to try out one of these ideas! If you’re located in the Phoenix-Metro area and looking for a reputable home designer, the team at Yourson Contracting would be happy to assist you in your remodeling projects. To schedule an estimate, just call our office at (623) 582-4477.

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