Create a Home Office: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget


Creating a Functional and Beautiful Home Office

Slowly but surely, working from home is becoming more common and widely accepted. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many employees who previously reported to an office were required to continue their duties from home. For those who were already self-employed and worked mostly from home, the quarantine didn’t change much in their day-to-day life. However, for those who had never worked from home, it may have been a huge change. If you found yourself in #WFH turmoil between distractions, personal tasks and not having the right environment to allow you to be productive, then keep reading!

We’re here to help ease you into that change. Then paired with the overall entire design process in our own Phoenix design studio!


Today we’re going to help you create a beautiful home office that will keep you focused and organized in just five simple steps.


1. Dedicate a Specific Area Only Used for Work

Home office space in a bedroom

If you’re currently working from your bed, let’s start there. This is a huge problem for your productivity levels. When you’re lying in bed, your brain subconsciously thinks it’s time to relax and sleep. If you’re working in the middle of your kitchen, notice how often you feel “hungry” or want to snack while you work. It’s important to dedicate a space that’s used specifically for work so that when you arrive to the space, your brain knows it’s time to get busy. If you can’t use an entire room for your home office addition, consider dividing a section of a room for work. See an example of a “workspace” within a bedroom. You can definitely get creative with the layout, but make sure you ONLY use this space for work.

Home office space within a bedroom


2. Lighting is Important For Your Home Office

Good lighting in a home office

Did you know that lighting has a direct impact on your overall mood and productivity? Yes! It’s true. Daylight enhances human performance. So when you’re creating your at-beautiful home office desks, try to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible, ideally facing your desk and view toward a window. If you don’t have the option for lots of natural light, you can still create a bright environment using a central light fixture or canned lighting with a dimmer. It may also help to have a light neutral paint color on your walls. Keep the space open, airy, and bright to optimize your productivity and create a calm environment.

Good lighting in a home office


3. Consider Storage Space

Home office with storage spage

To keep important work documents, office supplies, and gadgets looking neat and organized, you’ll have to consider the storage of some kind. There are endless options under the sun. You can opt for floating shelves, a custom media wall, pull-out desk drawers, or even just a simple dresser. A clean workspace is super important to your success as a work-from-homer and building a beautiful home office, so make sure you utilize storage space and keep your drawers organized.

Storage space for a home office


4. You’ll Need a Desk and Chair

Adjustable standing desk for home office

The central pieces of furniture needed for a great home workspace are a desk and chair. You may think to yourself, “that’s easy, I’ll just use any old desk and chair.” However, since this is the one spot you will be spending most of your workday in, it is best if you spend a little extra time researching what will work best for you. Pick something comfortable, durable, and preferably, ergonomic. Ergonomic furniture is great because it’s specifically designed to improve posture, reduce back and neck pain, and in some cases even help you burn calories. You can check out numerous options for ergonomic furniture, but some of our faves are adjustable standing desks, treadmill desks, and kneeling chairs. Investing in good furniture is important, especially in spaces you frequent. If you’re going to be working from your computer all day, you might as well be comfortable and love the pieces you’re working on.

Standing desk and a pedal chair for a home office


5. Add Details to Your Office

Adding details to your home office

Finally, personalize your home office to bring the space to life. Add some pieces of decor that speak to you. You can get inspired and hang a colorful painting, an awesome quote, or some fun curtains. Light a refreshing candle. A nice rug, a plant, and some art also go a long way. The reality is that if you like the way your office looks, you’ll feel better working there and you may even look forward to “going to work” each day.

Detailing Your Home Office

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