Incorporating Dark Colors into Your Home: 6 Tips from the Pros


The all-white interior trend has ruled the interior design landscape for nearly a decade. White kitchens, countertops, and walls with light grey flooring will always be a classic look, and it’s one we’ve done for dozens of clients. However, based on what we’ve seen recently—in home design magazines, luxury properties, and Pinterest—there’s a new trend on the horizon: dark features.

Modern Dark Interior Home Design

Everything from black counters, to dark cabinetry and hardware, to a black accent wall in a hallway or even a dark “feature” island can help you achieve this look in your home. We’ll walk you through some tips for incorporating dark colors, and as always, we’re here to help with a full remodel and update of your space.

Let’s get started with dark colors interior design tips!

Focus on Energizing Darks

The range of dark hues is vast, from inky night skies to deep bottom-of-the-lake browns and greens. Whichever you choose for space, make sure there are energizing elements. Use a glossy finish on the trim and ceilings, and mix in bold accents to really make the room pop. Washed out colors should be used sparingly. They are effective in some cases, but too many of them will take your room from drama to drab. Focus on keeping these darks alive, interesting, and fresh.

Dark Living Room Decor and Design


Swap Out Cabinetry and Kitchen Hardware

If you don’t want to commit to painting your kitchen, you can ease into the “modern dark” aesthetic with different cabinetry and dark kitchen hardware. (These swaps are some of the easier kitchen remodeling projects, and you can feasibly do it yourself!) Lighter walls especially will make these dark features pop, but even a few shades of difference between the color of the walls and cabinets can create a beautiful contrast. For the hardware, flat colors like matte black add a punch because they’re used in small quantities, as we advised earlier.

Dark Kitchen Design


Add a Dramatic Black Countertop

Another way to add striking contrast and dive headfirst into dark kitchen design is to add black countertops or a black feature island. With such prominence in the kitchen, it will immediately draw the eye and unify the space by tying other dark elements of the room together. Adding black also increases the drama factor, making your kitchen more interesting.

Sophisticated Dining Room with Dark Designs


Paint a Black Accent Wall

Maybe you’re not yet ready to do a home remodel and want to opt for the painting instead. A black accent wall (or any dark, intense color) adds pizzazz to the room, and that’s where you can concentrate other pops of brighter colors for maximum impact. Looking for a more subtle way to jazz up your accent wall? Use the space to add texture and place artwork elsewhere.

Dark Home Accent Wall


Install Statement Lights

One of the most important and impactful decorative elements of a dark room is, in fact, the light. The way the room lights up sets the tone: moody, cozy, mysterious, or whichever aesthetic you’re aiming for. With that in mind, statement lights serve two functions in this home design trend. First, they add to the decor, whether crisp and minimal or more warm and natural. Second, they illuminate the space. When you’re upgrading to the dark modern look, have the pros install statement lights.

Deliciously Dark Luxury Interiors


Don’t Be Afraid!

Dark colors can be intimidating because they’re often perceived as gloomy and depressing, but it’s exactly the opposite. From the lush greens of the forest to the deep blue night skies and dark gray stone, dark colors are naturally appealing to the eye both outdoors and in our homes. They add character and interest to a space, plus a sort of opulence that makes any room look high end. There’s no wonder why this home design trend is on the rise.

Lighting and Textures For Dark Interiors

When you’re ready to jump on board, you know who to call.

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Hopefully, you have learned how to decorate a dark living room. These tips from the pros will help get you started with adding drama and dark features to your home. If you’re located in the Phoenix-Metro area and looking for a reputable modern home design specialist, the team at Yourson Contracting would be happy to assist you in your remodeling projects. Check our gallery for more dark colored room ideas.

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