Getting Back to Basics in Your Home This Year


It’s no secret that COVID-19 upended the status quo and shaped a year that nobody could have predicted. While there has been plenty of hardship, the events of 2020 have also stripped away many nonessentials so people can get “back to basics” and refocus on what matters in life. Quality time, close relationships, and comfort are more important than ever before, and home projects are starting to reflect that. There’s a major focus on high-quality, functional spaces in the home where people actually want to spend their time and can escape the stressors of the world.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of this year, try going back to the basics starting at home. Here are some ideas to get you started…  

Cooking at Home

Plenty of people who relied upon restaurant dining suddenly found themselves needing to learn how to cook during the early-pandemic business closures. Even if you’re someone who dined outside the home infrequently before COVID, you’ve probably noticed a difference in how often you cook now. (Maybe you even took up bread baking when it was the most popular quarantine hobby!) This is why many homeowners have decided to do a kitchen remodel this year—our lifestyles have collectively changed, and it’s a great way to create a space that suits your needs. 



Growing a Garden

Between keeping up with current events, Zoom calls with family and friends, and virtual activities, we’re spending a lot of time looking at screens these days. When you grow weary of the blue light, there’s nothing better than getting outside. Growing a garden is the perfect excuse to enjoy these cooler temps and fall in love with your backyard again. Many find tending to a garden to be therapeutic, and you can enjoy the fruits—or veggies or herbs—of your labor when you’re cooking!


growing a garden

Using Antiques

Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue and influences everything from how we dress to how we decorate our homes. Rather than choosing the latest and greatest pieces, consumers are turning to thrift or gifted antiques. These items are unique, and they add character and charm to space. They’re also usually made to last, unlike most “trendy” decor. While we’re all spending more time at home, it’s especially important to cultivate your own interior design style with items you truly love. Getting back to basics with antique/vintage pieces can help you determine which direction you want to go in—and you’ll be more eco-friendly along the way.


Vintage gallery wall

Creating Cozy Spaces

There’s a reason it’s hard to get out of bed on a cold winter morning or leave the couch after a lazy Sunday: These spaces are cozy and comforting. Your home should be your sanctuary that gives you those same feelings, at least outside of your home office. Try softening your space with throw pillows, blankets, and natural elements like plants and other organic materials. For the ultimate cozy upgrade, contact an Arizona contractor to help you add a fireplace and warm lighting. 


Cozy chair in a home

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