Merry Thriftmas: Holiday Decorating Tips for Incorporating Antiques


Whether you’re a lifelong antique hunter or set foot in your first thrift store this year, you can appreciate the timeless nature of vintage decor. Antiques give your home’s look a personal touch, especially during the holidays when you can display items that remind you of childhood festivities. 

In a year when fond memories with loved ones are particularly cherished, decorating for the holidays with priceless antiques can bring life back into old pieces. We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of ideas to help you add vintage charm to your holiday decor.   

Vintage Ornaments

Of course, the most natural place for vintage ornaments is on the tree, but there are plenty of other ways to display these decorations. Place them in small clusters to add a pop of festive color on a tabletop or mantle, or arrange them in a bowl with a garland draped over it. 

Vintage Ornaments

Old-Fashioned Silver

Silver is just as much in style as it was in decades past, and vintage pieces make for elegant decor during the holiday season. Antique silver egg cups can showcase knick knacks, silverware can hang as ornaments, and trays can display just about anything.    

Old Fashioned Silver

Wagons or Carts

Old-fashioned wagons and carts are not only charming but also functional and can be used year-round. They make a great base for a Christmas tree, or you can use them as a gathering place for gifts. Once the holidays have passed, use the wagon or cart to display plants on the front porch or store blankets in your living room. 

Wagons & Carts

Vintage Dishes

Dishes are some of the most popular items to use as decoration in the home, from delicate china to exotic ceramics. If you already do this, incorporating antiques will be a breeze. (If not, all you need are some plate and bowl stands.) Simply swap out your existing display dishes for nostalgic vintage pieces. 

Vintage Plates

Plaid Throw Blankets

Plaid throw blankets add a cozy element to any space in your home, whether it’s on the living room couch or hanging from a ladder in your hallway. They’re a vintage Christmas decor staple, and the rich cranberry reds and forest greens look so fresh this time of year.  

Plaid Thrown Blankets

Woven Baskets

No matter the time of year, vintage woven baskets are a delightful addition to your home design. Shallow baskets are perfect for filling gaps in a gallery wall while lidded baskets can store clutter and others can display items lovingly. To add a holiday twist, fill woven baskets with pinecones, winter greenery, ribbon, or ornaments. 


Woven Baskets


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