Make Room with These Space-Saving Remodeling Ideas

It happens to the best of us—you move into a home and can comfortably store all of your belongings, but you run out of space a few years down the line. Suddenly you’re in the market for more storage, but there is no open floor space to spare. Home organization only goes so far, after all. 

If this sounds like your situation, it’s probably time for a home remodel. These These room remodeling ideas will help you save space and maximize your living area so you can enjoy a better-organized home that you truly love.

Sky-High StorageKitchen organization high storage

Especially in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where counters cut into livable space, it’s hard to create a storage area. That’s when you’ll need to think taller rather than wider or longer for making more space.

Installing cabinets up high or even raising the ceiling will (literally) take your kitchen organization to the next level. Plus, research shows our brains like elongated spaces like rooms with high ceilings.



Tucked Away Seating

Tucked Away Seating

Adding another element to your already-cramped space may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. If you remove a table and chair set and install a kitchen island, you get more counter space and can store seating underneath it.

The leftover undercarriage space can also be used to tuck away cleaning supplies or other unsightly items you like to keep close by.  


Fold-Up CountertopsFold Up Countertops

There are some spaces that simply cannot be expanded, but a few easy swaps can transform them into spacious sanctuaries as needed. Case in point: fold-up countertops and collapsible tables. Not every countertop has to have the durability of granite and the strength to support a Thanksgiving turkey, and tucking countertops/tables away can add several square feet back to your room.

This can help you keep a minimalistic home aesthetic without sacrificing much-needed counter space. 


Built In Shelves and Storage BenchBuilt-In Shelves & Storage Benches

Do you have a wall or an awkward corner that’s not being used? These are the perfect spots for some space-saving storage! Built-in shelves can easily be added to a hallway or a bedroom wall to showcase books, photos, and home decor without taking up extra floor space. (Recessed shelves in shower remodels utilize this same concept.)

As for those corners, they can also be maximized with built-in benches. They give you closed storage underneath and a seat that you can style to create a cozy nook.   



Sliding DoorsSliding Doors

Sometimes the culprit of a cramped room is the door that swings on its hinges and cuts into valuable living space. Rather than removing your doors altogether, you can opt for pocket doors or sliding barn doors for a more rustic look.

Both of these options let your doors move along a single plane and give you back some space. 




Custom Cabinets PhoenixCustom Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are made for traditional kitchens, which make them useful in some homes but unsuited to others. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, can fully maximize your space without requiring a major kitchen remodel making more room to use.

Whether you need better spice storage or cutting board slots, this is a great option that will make a major difference in how well your space is used.



Media WallsCustom Media Walls and Media Center Phoenix

If you take the concept of built-in shelves and concentrate them around your TV and fireplace, you’ll have yourself a media wall. Media center design is a rising trend right now because it is a stylish way to both store and display, and that makes media walls immediate eye-catchers.

Open shelving and custom cabinetry can be mixed and matched—there’s no right way to do it. 


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Maximizing your living space is all about making simple swaps, and we’d love to help you get started with the best living room home remodel ideas. If you’re located in the Phoenix-Metro area and looking for a reputable Arizona contractor, the team at Yourson Contracting would be happy to assist you in your remodeling projects.


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