9 Industrial Decor Must-Haves for 2021

Industrial design is a popular trend that creates a mechanical, modern aesthetic by utilizing clean lines, utility elements, and plenty of exposed brick and steel. Taking inspiration from warehouses and factories, this type of modern industrial decor can give your home a more urban feel and showcase its “bones” in an interesting way. Here are some features and industrial loft design ideas.



Modern Kitchen

Neutral Color Palette

When entering a home remodeling project, it’s best, to begin with the foundation—not the foundation of the structure but with the starting point of your chosen design. The color palette is what the rest of your interior builds off of, and the industrial palette favors neutrals. It’s a delicate balance of dark shades and metallic accents with more earthy tones to prevent your home from looking too cold and unwelcoming. 




Living room of loft

Open Layout

Minimalism is a cornerstone of modern industrial living room design, so your space should be opened up however possible. If you were looking for a sign to finally knock down that wall separating your main living space, this is it! Embrace the vacancy by clearing out clutter so the remaining elements have breathing room and can truly shine. 




Metallic kitchen

Metallic Finishes

Metallics often enhance home design styles, but we’re not talking about shiny golds and silvers here. Think instead about the no-frills functionality of steel in a commercial kitchen. It’s cold, yes, but it creates a striking contrast against organic details like wood flooring. Adding metallic finishes during your kitchen remodel immediately sets the tone and makes your kitchen the centerpiece of your industrial interior design masterpiece. Come visit our design studio in Phoenix and talk to to an industrial design ideas specialist in-person consultation!





Industrial remodel

Exposed Brick

Embracing the bones of a home is another key tip for achieving an industrial modern décor look, and brick is the perfect example. Brick makes a statement, whether it’s its natural rust red color or has been whitewashed, and it adds texture. If you don’t have brick in your home, you can use paint or fake wall panels to reach the desired appearance.



Industrial Light Fixtures

Industrial Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an accessory that can tie a space together, and it’s easy to stay on-trend when finding lights for industrial design. Edison bulbs are popular because they have a more barebones look, and metal cages pair nicely with the metallic fixtures we mentioned earlier. Think of a real industrial location like a warehouse and consider how the lighting needs to be functional but not fancy. Let that guide your choices—exposed wires, gears, and hardware are fair game.





Oversized Wall Art

Oversized Wall Art

The minimalism of industrial design can leave your walls empty and cold, but it’s a painless fix. Simple oversized wall art adds a visual interest point but still blends in with the rest of the space. Enlarged clocks, blueprints, and metallic works are great places to start. 






Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Shelves are another way to combine aesthetic and function when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom. Floating shelves in particular easily blend in to the wall and are clean and minimalistic. You can then display anything from soaps to sculptures and add visual interest to your walls.






Plumbing Pipe

Plumbing Pipe

Remember how we said industrial design relies on utility elements? Plumbing pipe is a versatile tool that can do virtually anything. Use it as support for a shelf or bartop, as a paper towel roll or magazine holder, or as handles for a kitchen cart. It adds a metallic, barebones touch that would look just at home in a factory. 






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