Modern and Elegant Holiday Home Decor Tips

Modern and Elegant Holiday Home Decor Tips

Hello and welcome back to the Yourson Contracting Blog. We are excited to be bringing you some helpful decorating tips for this holiday season in today’s post. So if you’re looking for some holiday decor ideas to make your home feel cozy and festive, just keep on reading! These tips are also great for those who want their home decor to feel cohesive and high-end.

To make the decorating process easier, we recommend starting with either a theme or color scheme that you’ll want to use throughout your home. You can choose themes such as “glamorous holiday decor”, “candy land Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, or even “Christmas by the sea”.


indoor holiday decorations

Choosing a Color Palette

You can also choose to stick to a certain color palette. We recommend choosing three main hues. Here are some examples:

Traditional Red, Green, Gold, or Silver
Lime green, pink, white
Sky blue, silver, navy
red, silver, white
Pink, white, and champagne

Once you’ve decided on your theme and/or color scheme, you can start purchasing items that fit.


Christmas decorations on table


Shopping Tips

When you’re out shopping for holiday decor, keep these tips in mind:
Purchase pieces that will last and can be utilized with multiple color schemes and themes.
Purchase bins and containers to properly store your holiday items so you can use them for many years.
For a modern look, keep the pieces of decor large and bulky with minimal pattern. For a traditional look, go for more table decor and smaller items.


Christmas tree


Now let’s get to decorating!

First, use garland to dress up flat surfaces like above cabinets and on top of dressers or buffets. You can also wrap garland around stair rails! Next, focus on your trees.

You’ll want to add a Christmas tree with coordinating ornaments, florals or stems, lights, and a topper. For bonus style points, put up several trees at varying heights, in various places throughout your home. You can put a Christmas tree in your living room, in the foyer, in your main suite, or even at the top of a staircase. Then when people visit your house, it’ll feel like a luxurious hotel with multiple trees to walk around and appreciate.
Another way to elevate your holiday home decor is to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Hang a beautiful wreath to draw eyes to a wall or space. Throw a string of lights around a mirror, painting, or doorway for added luxe.

To tie a room together and add texture, use decorative pillows and throws! Finally, light a pine-scented candle, and voila! Your home is decorated perfectly for the holidays. So relax, sip a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy your magazine-ready holiday home!

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