5 ways to instantly make your kitchen feel luxurious


Goodbye cookie-cutter. Hello, Custom kitchen! Here are 5 ways to instantly make your kitchen feel luxurious. 

1. Colored Cabinetry or Accent Island 

Rather than stark white cabinetry all throughout the kitchen, we’re seeing earthy tones like stone grey, sage, beige or even a natural wood finish make a statement in kitchen cabinetry lately. Homeowners love the calm lived-in feel of working soft neutral colors into the kitchen. To make the space feel extra custom, you can also make your kitchen island a focal point by making it a complimentary color. The days of strictly grey and white palettes are long gone, and we love this modern trend of colored cabinetry. 

Colored cabinetry or accent island - 5 ways to instantly make your kitchen feel luxurious


2. Standout Kitchen Hood Vent 

Another way to make your kitchen feel luxe is by installing a kitchen hood vent that draws the eye in. You can go for a large industrial vent, a shiny brass vent, or a wood finish vent to contrast with other kitchen finishes. Or you can go for a monochromatic look by choosing a vent the same color as your cabinets. Make it oversized to really pop! Having a hood vent instead of a built-in microwave or standard metal vent will instantly make your home feel luxurious and custom. 

3. Backsplash to the Ceiling 

Whether your kitchen has standard 9 foot ceilings or gorgeous 20 ft. ceilings, installing a backsplash to the ceiling is a great way to pull attention upward and keep your kitchen design cohesive. Rather than breaking up the space with tile, then upper cabinetry and then your wall paint, pulling your backsplash all the way to the ceiling will be easy on the eye and make your ceilings feel taller. Minimize grout lines by opting for a larger slab of stone or larger neutral wall tiles.

4. Refrigerator with Cabinet Panels

This may be one of the best ways to make your kitchen opulent and seamless. Encasing your refrigerator in finished panels that match your cabinetry is like something you’d see in a celebrity home. Only, it’s not as difficult as you may think! In fact, it’s a gorgeous way to elevate your kitchen and maximize your budget. Make sure you purchase panel-ready appliances and talk to your contractor about creating the panels. 

Refrigerator with Cabinet Panels - 5 ways to instantly make your kitchen feel luxurious


5. Mix it up! 

When you’re designing your dream kitchen, try to work in mixed-metals and various textures like wood and stone. The key to a custom looking home is to carefully curate complimentary colors, textures and finishes to create something that doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy. The goal when you walk into a custom

kitchen is to have the viewer’s gaze playfully dance from one feature to another, with soft touches here and statement features there. Everything should mesh together in a way that feels effortlessly arranged. By incorporating variety in your finishes, you’ll instantly give a more luxurious vibe to your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen - 5 ways to instantly make your kitchen feel luxurious


We hope this post was helpful as you design your custom dream kitchen! If you’re looking for an Arizona home remodeling company that does everything from design to construction, we’re here for you. Contact us to schedule an in-person consultation on your next renovation.

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