3 Essential Amenities Every Arizona Luxury Home Needs

Luxury homes tout the best of the best when it comes to top-notch amenities and high-end finishes- with everything from bowling alleys, to indoor pools, temperature controlled wine cellars and tennis courts. The opportunities are endless with the right budget. In today’s exciting post, we’re going to discuss some of the essential features every Arizona luxury home needs.

#1: An outdoor pool and kitchen

An outdoor pool and kitchen

As a state known for its beautiful weather, Arizona is the optimal location for spending your days in the sun. What better way to do that then to have a luxury backyard equipped with a pool and outdoor kitchen. And with so many options for high-end features outdoors, you can make the space fully customizable to your needs. Some of our favorite ways to bring cohesiveness between the indoors and outdoors is to continue color themes from your home to your backyard. You can do this by choosing complimenting furniture and finishes! Check out some of our favorite examples of Arizona luxury backyards below. 

#2: A chef’s kitchen

A chef kitchen

Chef’s kitchens are a staple in every luxury home in Arizona. While you can always pick up some delicious takeout or visit one of the many delicious steakhouse restaurants in the Valley, homeowners also want the same gourmet capabilities in their own homes. The kitchen is the space where people gather around meals and enjoy each other’s company- it’s arguably the most important room in any home and therefore, worth investing in. Some of the best luxury kitchen features include commercial grade appliances by recognized brands like Subzero and Wolf Appliances. Luxury Arizona homes also boast custom cabinetry with specialized warming drawers and intricate crown moulding, toe-kick lighting, under cabinet lighting, and additional appliances like ice makers and beverage refrigerators. If you really enjoy a large entertaining space in the kitchen, you may even consider adding a stylish second island and butler’s pantry. To complete every luxury kitchen’s must-haves list, incorporate a temperature controlled wine wall that doubles as a feature wall in the dining room.

#3: A wellness room

A wellness room

Many high-end properties feature home gyms, and while those are quite nice and useful… a truly luxurious home will go the extra mile by providing a robust wellness room, featuring an in-home sauna, a steam shower or spa, and private massage room in addition to the standard full gym setup and yoga room. This means that the homeowner can indulge in every amenity of a vacation resort spa, right in the comfort of their own home. The convenience of a wellness room means that a homeowner can also hire a massage therapist to massage them at home, or a personal trainer to train them on their own equipment. Wellness rooms have become increasingly popular in Arizona luxury homes, and we can definitely see why.

The combination of an outdoor pool and kitchen, a chef’s kitchen inside and a luxury wellness room create a dreamy resort-like oasis in the Arizona desert that every homeowner would love. At Yourson Contracting, we’re here to make all of your luxury home goals come to life. We’d love to talk with you about incorporating some or all of these luxury features in your home. For more information about remodeling your current home and building a new custom home, please give us a call at (623) 582 4477 or Contact Us.

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